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Micro cement is contemporary and innovative material for commercial and residental interior decoration. Micro topping  can be applied on a wide variety of existing surfaces to result a thin but hard wearing and aesthetic covering resembling to polished concrete. Micro cement coatings applied by DECORATIVO makes a water resistant, highly durable coating which adhere to any existing surface. Micro topping is and ideal solution for both new and refurbishment projects. 

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microcement solutions

Microcement solutions meet the most sophisticated functional requirements and also provide endless possibilities through the combinations of colours and finishes and as a result achieving contemporary design. DECORATIVO Microcement solutions designed to create decorative and durable continuous linings of decorative coating on various surfaces. Micro cement finishes have a wide variety of applications; walls, ceilings, floors, worktops or even furniture.

Microcement is a similar to polished concrete, micro screed or micro concrete however there are some differences between them. Microcement is also known as beton cire, decorative concrete, micro topping and concrete overlay. Micro cement coating is ideal for new structures of contemporary minimalist design, and also for renovation projects. Micro topping can be directly applied on a wide variety of existing surfaces to create a hard wearing and aesthetic covering in an unlimited range of colours and effects.

Microcement coating


Micro cement is highly customisable, applications are available in a virtually unlimited range of textures, patterns and colours, which offers infinite design possibilities and enables our applicators to match any design.  Micro topping solutions resulting a cement look finish in endless combination of colours. At DECORATIVO our applicators are able to create glossy, matte or smooth finishes in various depth and patterns. By the specialist application of micro cement coatings with varying degrees of depth, shades and glossiness of surfaces can be achieved.

wide range of applications

Micro concrete finishes applied in thin 2-4 mm layers of typically 4 to 6 coatings to create durable and continuous lining of decorative surfaces. Micro cement coating makes a water resistant, highly durable coating which due to its characteristics adhere to any existing surface. Micro topping is applicable to almost any type of surfaces from concrete through plasterboards, plywood, marble and stone to tiles. Microcement can be also applied directly on ceramics, wood and cement surfaces without the need of removing them, consequently this solution is ideal to use for wet room walls and floors, showers or bathroom decoration or redecoration projects alike.

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MICROCEMENT advantages

Micro cement solutions enable a cost effective renewal of any type of interior without the need of removing previous finish and allow to create a coating which is resistant to impact, compression and abrasion. Micro cement coating is very easy to clean, has low maintenance costs since its dirt and dust repellent. Microcement is waterproof and resist to stains, chemicals, impact and scratch hence it is ideal to apply in commercial projects such as shop floors. Micro topping results a durable and resistant surface which is environmentally friendly, hygienic, has antibacterial and antistatic qualities. Micro topping is an effective solution for decoration, its lightweight so does not weigh down the crawl space.