metallic effect decor


metal effect decorative finishes

At DECORATIVO we propose the application of unique metallic effect wall finishes of high quality and high aesthetic value for any decoration requirements. Our expert applicators are able to create various sophisticated and unique effects of gold, silver of copper with a textural finish of subtle metallic shimmering. By the application of metallic effect finishes our team is capable of realizing a stunning interior decoration feature on walls and ceilings which reflects light and creates the appearance of precious metals hence create a statement of uniqueness and timeless look.

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metal effect decorative finishes

Metallic effect decor and metallic paints and metal effect decorative finishes is the most recent trend in interior design. Metallic effect finish adds a luxurious touch to walls and architectural features by the sophisticated radiance of metal characterized by contrasts of brightness and reflections.

metalline effect decor

At DECORATIVO we apply unique metallic decorative finishes for interiors capable of realizing luxurious surfaces with a beautiful metalline effect, for achieving a stunning artesian design. Metallic effect decoration creates surfaces characterized by strong contrasts of brightness which vary according to the presence of light and reflections.

Metallic effect surfaces

Our specialists at DECORATIVO are able to design bespoke silver and metallic paint effect decor for walls. By applying high quality metallic plaster finishes in various colours, a variety of shimmering effects can be achieved raging from golden, copper, bronze, chrome and silver. Textured metallic effect wall covering lets you break the limits of ordinary wall painting creating surfaces of stunning look.

decorativo Metallic Effect Decor


At DECORATIVO we apply unique metallic effect decor in various colours with sparkling metalline effect, hence achieving a stunning design. Trowel-applied metallic wall finishes for walls and feature walls can achieve a unique and distinct appearance by adding luminous, metallic shade hence making wall decoration an integral part of the interior design.