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At DECORATIVO we design and apply decorative wall finishes in an unlimited range of colour and surfaces. By working with only the highest quality decorative finishes our team of skilled and creative applicators are able to craft bespoke decoration in various patterns and depth and as a result creating breath taking interiors. The high degree of customisation enable to achieve semi polished, polished and waxed, rugged, raked, pitted or brushed effects hence creating vibrant atmospheres with a strong visual impact.

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decor beyond painting

The element of colour and texture has assumed vital importance in modern interior design and architecture in later years. Decorative wall finishes offer endless possibilities of decor beyond painting, by the use of materials, colours and surface effects which become constituent ingredients of interior decoration and style.

Decorative finishes became an integral part of the modern living space defining style, personality and atmosphere. At DECORATIVO we propose unique and elegant decorative finish application and seek out to collaborate with interior designers to realise breath taking living spaces where decoration is and integral element of the design.

unique decoration

Customizable finishes applied by DECORATIVO offer the possibility to achieve multiple decorative effects; glossy or matte, smooth or rugged surfaces of elegant and sophisticated decorative finish which suit any style of interior design requirements and reinvent living spaces. By special application techniques combining the colour ranges from delicate pastels to more intense ones our highly skilled applicators are able to transform interiors with beautiful bespoke surface designs and finishes.


DECORATIVO decorative finishes applications through the combination of skills, creativity and an unlimited range of customizable décor materials helps us to obtain various textures, effects and colour combinations to achieve visually striking décor hence meet the highest standards of interior decoration.

our featured decorative finish projects

decorativo decorative finish feature wall


Decorative finishes created by DECORATIVO realise precious surfaces with a delicate reflection, perfectly combining reflective crystalline and pearlescent appearance and as a result propose surfaces suitable for elegant, classical and modern design environments bringing subtle depth and elegance to the surface.

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