Polished Plaster, Microcement and Decorative wall finishes- About us

We aim to create ideas

DECORATIVO was born out of our love for art and interior decoration. We inspired by the tradition of Italian craftsmen who perfected decoration to a form of art through developing special materials and application techniques of traditional Italian plaster finishes. These craftsmen created timeless masterpieces of decoration, their unique artistic style can be found from Venice`s renaissance buildings to the designs of the best modern architects.

Based on this tradition, through our creativity and expertise we aim to create breath taking designs and as a result a strong and powerful visual impact hence make decoration an important element of interior design. We attempt to realise endless creative ideas by microcement and decorative wall finishes consequently exceeding our clients` expectations. Our team of specialist applicators are committed to deliver exceptional results and superior quality to our clients by creating magnificent surfaces of interiors.

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Our mission is to bring beauty and harmony to design environments and to prove that decoration is able to become an integral part of interior design. By using the highest quality decorative finishes our team of skilled and experienced applicators strive to realise high end, contemporary and innovative decoration solutions to meet the highest standards of interior decoration.

We seek to collaborate with architects, designers, interior decorators and private clients alike to create and realise innovative solutions, designed on the basis of trends in contemporary design. 


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the team of DECORATIVO. They were able to transform our living room walls to a continuous marble like wonder. I absolutely love it!
Thank you for a truly amazing job of applying microcement coating in my garage- quick and efficient throughout the whole process, I am very much impressed by the results!
South kensington