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Polished Plaster, Microcement and Decorative wall finishes

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We are DECORATIVO. We are specialist applicators of decorative wall and floor coatings and finishes. Our team provides high end bespoke polished plaster, microcement and decorative finish applications for residential and commercial  projects. At DECORATIVO we aim to create interiors which are versatile and stylish, while synthesizing craftsmanship, tradition and modern innovative ideas in decoration by unlimited combinations of colour, surface and effects.

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At DECORATIVO we offer tailored, unique, innovative and efficient solutions for decorative wall and floor finishes through the application of an unlimited range of customizable finishes in various textures, styles and colour combinations to meet the highest standards of interior decoration and as a result creating breath taking spaces of stylistic interior designs.

By using only the highest quality decorative finishes our team of skilled, creative and experienced applicators are able to propose high end, contemporary and innovative decoration solutions to designers, architects, interior decorators and private clients alike.

Microcement is an innovative solution designed to create decorative but hard wearing, continuous lining of decorative surfaces resembling polished concrete. Microcement finishes have a wide variety of applications; walls, ceilings, floors, worktops or even furniture.

Microcement coating applied by DECORATIVO makes a water and abrasion resistant, highly durable solution which adhere to any existing surface in an extensive array of colours, textures and patterns.

Due to unique characteristics, decorative wall finishes offer endless possibilities of decor beyond painting.  At DECORATIVO we design decorative wall finishes in a wide range of colour combinations and various patterns as semi polished, polished and waxed, rugged, raked, pitted or brushed.

These result matte, smooth or silky surfaces of cement seems like marble or natural stone to suit any style of interior design.

At DECORATIVO we apply unique metallic decorative finishes for interiors with a beautiful metalline effect, hence achieving a stunning artesian design.

Metallic effect decoration creates surfaces characterized by strong contrasts of brightness which vary according to the presence of light and reflections, and as a result realizing luxurious surfaces